Stone Floor Cleaning Case File #53 [with 7 Photos!]

Time for Stone Cleaning San Diego!
Isn't the picture to the left amazing? That is a picture I took just this past week as I cleaned one happy San Diego client's stone floors. I'll take you along for the whole cleaning process with photos below.

Before I get started... I want to state that the client's floors in this step by step account were Marble, but rest assured our process also works fantastically on all types of stone including Travertine, Granite, Slate, Terrazzo,  Limestone, Sandstone, Sepentine, as well as on engineered stone and all others

See photos below

         Stone Job File #53          

Impossibly Dirty Marble Stone Floor?


A beautiful home in San Diego.

Job Specs: 

An elegant tumbled marble floor buried under years of grime accumulation.

Also, troubling dog odor actually coming from the grime. 

Plan of Action:
Full 4 step treatment plan. SEE BELOW!

        Stone Cleaning Steps:       

Step 1:My assistant and I apply our custom stone cleaner with built in activated O2 to naturally sanitize and remove odors as it cleans.

Step 1

Step 2:This is me scrubbing the dirty grout lines. Trade secret: There is no getting around it; lots of elbow grease is required to get the results we give. We pay special attention to detail as we apply the needed pressure to stone and grout lines to get deep down stubborn soil to loosen up before we plug in any machines.
Step 2
Step 3:Our fantastic stone cleaning equipment pressurizes our cleaning solution and water combo. The force of the liquid propels the cleaning solution deep into the stone's crevices and even subsurface -blasting out years of dirty grime. Don't worry that the your walls will get sprayed as a result; our equipment extracts the liquid almost as soon as we insert it.

Step 3
Note that we at Tony's Best Way use a dedicated machine for hard surface cleaning in step number three. This is worth pointing out as inferior cleaners will often use the same steam cleaning wand with which they also clean carpets.  Be sure and ask your prospective stone cleaner if they will do this BEFORE you have them come out. You will simply get better results with dedicated hard surface cleaning equipment. 

Step 4: Stone is a natural substance and some varieties are highly absorbent. As such, any type of colored liquid or even water spills can absorb into stone and become unsightly stains. To combat this damage, we always finish up our stone cleaning service by applying the highest quality impregnating sealers to keep stone and grout looking great long after we’re gone. Notice in the picture how a liquid spill beads up on the surface for easy clean up, instead of absorbing into and staining stone and grout.

Step 4
Final result:
A fresh and clean stone floor that looks great. Why live with a dirty stone floor? We are your local San Diego stone cleaning company that has the knowledgeable technicians, the top equipment and the experience to transform your floor (and your stone countertop!) back into their former glory.

Wow! Look at the difference! 
Remember this "before" picture? :) 
James Toth, your San Diego Stone Cleaning & Sealing Expert.

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