Why People Use Yelp to Pick San Diego Carpet Cleaners

Why People Use Yelp to Pick San Diego Carpet Cleaners

by James Toth, San Diego, CA
Carpet Cleaning Facebook page pointing to Yelp review
All carpet cleaning companies say they are the best and their websites may look and sound great, but who can tell if their boasting translates to actual results and great experiences?

As a professional carpet cleaner, I believe the reason we get so many calls from San Diegians who site Yelp.com as their referral point boils down to our natural trust of subjective opinions.

As Yelp's Official Blog states, "The bottom line: reviewers who share their experiences help their fellow consumers as well as good businesses and provide the marketplace with valuable information...We know the reason an average of 117 million monthly unique visitors turn to Yelp is because consumers trust the content they are reading and find it useful in helping them make a spending decision."

The mind process of a typical San Diego resident whose carpet needs a cleaning:

  1. Is this company worth my time as well as the expense they will cost me? 
  2. What are people saying on Yelp, Google+ and other online review sites?
  3. Do the reviewers sound like they are interested in the same quality, both in results and in courteous customer service, as myself?

I placed emphasis on the last question because I believe it plays a bigger role in the type of clients that pick our company. Are all reviews and reviewers equal? 

Like all companies, we service a particular demographic. We work for people who appreciate good quality customer service and solid reputations.

We have heard this reasoning come over our phone line from new callers more than once, "I called you because your review quality is excellent."  

Are Yelp Review Numbers Important in Determining the Quality of Carpet Cleaning Companies?

Yes and no. It seems natural to expect that "the more reviews the better" but we've found our clients don't necessarily need globs of reviews; their eyes may be better honed to see quality not just quantity. Why is this?

We've been cleaning carpets for over four decades and have received countless accolades, referrals and repeat business from our clients that well know and value the maxim, "you get what you pay for".

That type of client base is smaller than the "price is the only factor" type of clientele but they decidedly leave the best reviews of all. 

Our future clients derive their pre-earned respect of our company from reviews that state we have earned the respect of our customers for our quality levels, both in customer service and great results.

I invite you to take a good look at the quality of reviewers' words and not just the quantity of reviews as you do your Yelp homework. It will stand you in good stead. If you'd like to see my Yelp profile for examples of this, take a look here.

James Toth is a master of knowledge about cleaning. James is a head technician at Tony's Best Way Cleaning, a 43 year old company that cleans flooring and furnishings including carpet, tile and grout, stone, hardwood, upholstery, leather, area and fine rugs and fabric window coverings. He welcomes your input below and his office that serves all of San Diego county can be reached at (858) 459-3201 or via their website's contact form