Saltillo Cleaning San Diego- New BEFORE and AFTER Picture! ( Mexican Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing)

Tony's Best Way Cleaning proud to present this new Before and After picture of our San Diego Terracotta Clay Tile Cleaning Service:

Have you ever thought...Saltillo tile, (another name for this type of Mexican clay tile), is so San Diego that we have some sort of monopoly on it?

Well...that's actually kinda true. Terracotta tile actually cannot be used in many other parts of the country due to its inability to take freezing temperatures...(much like me and other San Diegans!) 

From a professional tile cleaner, take it as fact that the number one thing to know about successfully maintaining Saltillo (as is it is super porous), is that it is absolutely imperative to seal it regularly. Just sealing once after installation and waiting until it crumbles is a mistake that could cost you your warm gorgeous floor. 

Call us today to set up an appointment for the cleaning and sealing of your terracotta Saltillo tile and grout! 

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