San Diego Upholstery Cleaner CLEANS FOR FREE at Mexican Orphanage- 3 Microfiber Sofas and 1 Cloth Covered Couch

My name is James Toth of Tony's Best Way Cleaning, and I just had the privilege of putting my 20+ years of upholstery cleaning experience to use for a good cause.

I am used to serving discerning clients in San Diego but this was the first time my clients were some special little kids in Tecate, Mexico!

I hope the kiddos who live at the small homey orphanage liked my work. Their live-in caregivers were pretty stoked about it. :)

The orphanage I went to was started by the niece of one of my good buddies and is only an hour from San Diego.

The orphanage director, Natasha Cervantes, sent the request for my assistance in which you can read the condition of the orphanage's three much-used couches:

As you can see in this following "before" picture, with that many children using the upholstery, the couches were indeed "full of stains, dust and grime" and in desperate need of a good quality cleaning.

Home #1     Two Piece Sectional BEFORE CLEANING

The microfiber suede sectional sofa shown above lives in one of the orphanage's homes. (The organization owns two homes on the same ranch property with lots of room for more in the future!)

Each home is staffed with 1-2 "house parents" and a set amount of children live within each of them. This gives each child as much of a "family-style living arrangement" as possible. They do a really great job with them, treating them like the worthy children they are. Every one of the staff really cares about the kids.

Home #1    Additional Microsuede Sofa BEFORE CLEANING

As you can see, I had quite a lot of work to do in the first home. And, to be honest, my clients in San Diego normally call us out to clean far before their leather furniture gets to that state of disrepair. I may have had to spend a little more TLC than normal, but I think the results turned out quite well!

Home #1     Two Piece Sectional Sofa (Still wet)

The additional (matching) microfiber suede sofa went through its own transformation:

Home #1     Additional Sofa (Still wet)
A little boy about 4 years old who lived there was so eager to be my helper. It was so cute. He couldn't stop offering to help carry my equipment (he really liked my hoses) and reminded me often he was ready to help!

If you look in this picture you might spot some little guys critiquing my work. :)

At the orphanage's other family-style home, I met this beast of a sofa:

Home #2 Cloth Covered Sofa BEFORE CLEANING

This cloth-covered sofa was so smelly and soiled the house mother said she actually would hesitate to sit on it when she was wearing freshly cleaned clothes. She was so afraid of the smell clinging to her clothing. Now, this was a huge BUMMER because this woman cares for two babies and a preschooler and this is the only sofa in the tiny home. She needed to use it anyway. Those poor kiddos (and house parents!) had to sit on this stinky, filthy monster day after day:

Home #2 Cloth Covered Sofa BEFORE CLEANING
The house mother texted her sincere appreciation after I left. She finally can use her sofa without cringing! It took a fair amount of time to clean and deodorize but what do you think about the results?

Night and day, huh?! In addition to the sofas above, I saw one home's cloth-covered dining room chairs needed a good cleaning, so I took care of those too. (Unfortunately I didn't snap a photo.)

I did, however, get some pictures of the high pile rug the caregivers also wished me to clean:

Now, I doubt that you have 10+ kiddos jumping and living on your upholstery for years without seeing any professional cleaning, but if this orphanage's much-loved upholstery, rug and furnishings still turned out this amazing with a Tony's Best Way Cleaning, imagine what we can do for you!

Fellow San Diegans, please feel free to call my office at (858) 459-3201 with any of your own upholstery and leather furniture cleaning needs. We would love to make you smile like the director of the orphanage who had this to say after my cleaning:

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James Toth

Head Technician
Tony's Best Way