Are Your Tile and Grout Floors "Locker Room Dirty"? [7 PHOTOS]

This tile and grout was in need of a good ole' cleaning.
Does your bathroom tile look "well used"?

Has your grout darkened or have inter-dispersed "grimy spots" and "worn off spots" appeared? I'm sure your floor and bathroom walls aren't as bad as this.

 In fact, we just handled one of San Diego's worst looking and smelly locker rooms (specifically, tile and grout floor bathrooms and shower stalls) that we have ever cleaned.

The "before" pictures don't do it justice.
 Imagine the grime, the soap scum, the mineral buildup from countless showers with San Diego famously HARD water. And that's not all that we faced a week and a half ago when...

Warning: Viewing this locker room in real life was dirtier than it appears 
We took the task head on. 
Think of dealing with the above coupled with combating black discolored mildew stains in the heavily used grout and tile squares.

Think of observing the leftover chemical residue left by the use of an improper topical sealer coating (courtesy of inferior San Diego tile cleaning workers) that was applied prior to our arrival.

Coating was never meant for a floor like this and it yellowed the entire floor of the locker room and restroom. A high quality impregnable sealer is what this high moisture affected area needed -not a weak layer of coating.

But still, that was not all we saw as we inspected the work site.

Rust. The red stains came from corroding metal fixtures used in showers and bathrooms. 

Gross, yellow "not so mysterious"stains under the urinals.

I could go on and on with the issues this particular project had against it, but you get the idea. This
locker room was screaming out for some T.L.C: Tough Love and Cleaning. 

Side by side, Tony's Best Way outperforms other cleaning companies again and again! 

You can see in these before and after shots yourself the almost unbelievable results we obtained with our own Health + Clean Tile and Grout Cleaning System, driven with the power of activated oxygen. Our unique 12 step cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing, stripping and resealing tile process is amazing.  It can clean and restore tiles that may have otherwise been deemed a lost cause.

Work in progress
Back to that day at the well used locker room...

Like we do for all our estimates, we came out and preformed a quick test sample before the cleaning to insure satisfactory results. The normal staff in charge of maintenance were so happy with the results of the test area they scheduled the work to be done by Tony's Best Way Cleaning.

Wow! Even I was impressed with the results.

Inspect the pictures and determine for yourself how great the shower stall and bathroom tile cleaning came out. Really, this tired, dilapidated locker room transformed into a well maintained looking area. It became a clean, sanitized, nice place to shower and change in once again.

Instead of having to re-tile and grout the entire bathroom at very high expense, this facility in
San Diego now has a sanitized, clean, and protected locker room again.

It looks NEW again doesn't it?!
Whatever your tile and grout looks like now, I am very confident it can't be as bad in condition as the project described above.

Seeing what we can do for them can make you confident your own cleaning will wow you!

In addition, we can even set up scheduled maintenance cleaning, and/or teach you the best way to maintain your particular floor for the long haul. Whether your needs are for residential or commercial bathroom tile and grout cleaning, Tony's Best Way is ready to serve.

Thank you for reading this short story and for taking a look at all of our "before and after" blog stories. This is just one of our many successful cleaning and restoring projects. And we clean stone floors, carpets, and hardwood floors too! 

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