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San Diego Stone Care

Tony's Best Way has faithfully served San Diego since the 1970s. We are a local family business that provides San Diego with stone cleaning, stone sealing and resealing and stone polishing services.  If you are looking for stone care services, give us a call at (858) 459-3201 or (760) 942-1904. Enjoy these new "before and after" pictures of a bathroom stone floor that had "water etch-marks" and was in need of stone grounding and polishing.

This is a San Diego travertine stone floor with "water mark damage" before treatment: 

The water spots are actually light stone loss from some sort of spill that had acidic content. 


And here is the same stone floor after a careful polishing treatment: 

We ground off a thin layer of stone, which levels the floor, and then polish it. No soil and no marks left behind! 

All stone types of flooring and counters are serviced by Tony's Best Way and we service all of San Diego county. 

CONTACT TONY'S BEST WAY: (858) 459-3201  (760) 942-1904