Hardwood Floor Refinishing San Diego (Before and After Photos)

Hardwood Refinishing San Diego (Before and After Photos)

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Wood Floor Refinishing San Diego:

We are a San Diego family business in the business of cleaning and restoration for forty-three years now.  If your floor is soiled and has lost its original warm wood glow, its time to refinish! We offer stripping, buffing, cleaning and restoration of hardwood flooring in San Diego, CA.

Some wood floors don't require stripping; soil is the problem.

This hardwood floor did require stripping off the old coating.

Our technicians throw their whole bodies into their work. 

Beautiful before and after photo! All wood types served.

Hardwood Floor Sanding San Diego 

What about sanding? Do you sand floors? Do my floors really need sanding?

[Hardwood Floor Sanding San Diego] Sanding is a very extensive, serious and expensive process for wood floors that are very neglected. The neglect can come from being scratched but most often from the wood finish wearing right off and damaging the stain color and the wood beneath the coating/finish.  Often only sections of flooring have such damage but the bad news is once part of your floor is damaged, the whole surface will need sanding.

This test cleaning shows refinishing not sanding is needed here.
Sanding wood floors includes grinding off the top layer of wood to the point that the damage eroded into the floor. Then a new stain will need to be applied before refinishing the floor. You will need to allow for a fair amount of money and time for all this and you some people may even need to relocate during the sanding process. Odors can be offensive and sanding can only be done a few times to most wood floors before the wood veneer is ground away. 

In place of sanding, we offer a hardwood floor refinishing San Diego cleaning system that is dustless, solvent-free, odorless, and usually needs just hours to complete and available for regular use in just 24 hours.

We clean floors with dedicated equipment to remove embedded soil and, as you can see from the photos above, the results are impressive. We use a buffing procedure that removes scuff marks and with a gentle amount of abrasion, takes off the topmost layer of the previous finish.

Refinishing the wood comes next by the application of a high quality sealer/finish. You can choose between a high gloss finish or a regular gloss finish. We apply a sealer coat of wood finish. We then apply a finishing coat that will give the wood a more beautiful sheen and a more durable coating to protect the floor.  This finish is beautiful to look at but also adds years of enjoyment to the life of your wood floors.

Hardwood Floor Stripping San Diego

What about stripping floors? My contractor said my floors need to be stripped. 

Stripping off the old finish and replacing it with a new finish.
[Hardwood Stripping San Diego] Yes, we do offer stripping. If you have old coatings and finishes chances are that they didn't work for you. Did they looked nice originally, but after a few layers did they ended up trapping dirt, making it unreachable by mopping? Perhaps they may even be sticky to walk on or make your floor look hazy?

Some hardwood floors with such coatings and finishes can be restored by stripping by San Diego wood refinishing companies like us. Stripping will remove these caked on layers and expose the beautiful wood under them. Then we seal them with a quality refinishing product that will beautify and help protect them. We will also give you a professional recommendation on the exact brand to purchase for your weekly floor maintenance that will do a a far better job for you than the old finishes that caused the damage in the first place.

Give us a call! (858) 459-3201 -or- (760) 942-1904 (Serving all of San Diego county) 

James Toth is a master of knowledge about cleaning. James is a head technician at Tony's Best Way Cleaning, a 43 year old company that cleans flooring and furnishings including carpet, tile and grout, stone, hardwood, upholstery, leather, area and fine rugs and fabric window coverings. He welcomes your input below and his office that serves all of San Diego county can be reached at (858) 459-3201 or via their website's contact form. 


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