40-year-old Vinyl Floor Gets Cleaning Face-lift [7 Photos/1 video]

    San Diego Vinyl Floor Cleaning       

German chocolate and hug worthy yellow to white transformation!

An older home in San Diego.

_Job Specs_

A completely yellowed 40-year-old hard vinyl floor whose grout lines were packed with years of grime accumulation. The residents had never had the floor professionally cleaned in all those years. 

_What Happened_
After years of cleaning it herself and not seeing a dramatic change, the homeowner told us she, "didn't expect much" from our cleaning. But our hard floor cleaning technicians from Tony's Best Way and our high performing equipment/cleaning method changed her mind.

Even before the homeowner called the office to express her extreme delight over her brightened and super cleaned floor, she gave our technicians hugs and German chocolate! She obviously found hiring our 45 year old professional floor and furniture cleaning company a truly sweet experience. Take a look at the pictures below, taken during the cleaning process, and see if you too can spot the incredible difference! 

The years of accumulated soil lifting off in the kitchen.

Look how beautiful it is turning out! 

This floor is 40 years old

It's great to see the reactions when we present "new" floors. 

Our great hard floor cleaning equipment cleans up as it works; no spray! 

We love this homeowner and she loves us! :)

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