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So, you're looking for the best of all the San Diego Carpet Cleaning companies out there?

Before I begin explaining why I believe this company is "the one", take a look at this series of pictures:

These pictures alone are explanation enough for some of us...

If you are convinced already, feel free to go ahead and give 45-year-old San Diego carpet cleaning company Tony's Best Way a call at (858) 459-3201 or (760) 942-1904 or look up the company on their website or on Yelp.

My carpeting cleansing credentials:

Before I literally get into the nitty-gritty of soil extraction, let me introduce myself. My name is James Toth and, after graduating from San Diego State University with a business degree, I joined the family business around 1997. No, I don't stay in the office; I am out every day working on carpets, furniture, rugs and the rest and see the needs of our clients firsthand. After personally cleaning thousands upon thousands of acres of carpeting miles...

...I honestly believe our carpet cleaning method wins over the most common method: steam cleaning. 

Most carpet cleaners use truck-mounted steam cleaning (A.K.A. Hot Water Extraction). They literally hook up their wands to a faucet (yours or theirs) and turn it on and into soiled carpeting. That's a lot of water!

Water is powerful force. The pressurized water flow (usually mixed with heavy chemicals via its feed tube) pushes down soil, any pet (and other stain) remnants present, as well as any stinky odor particles deep into the base of the carpet. The resulting watery sludge is weighty with all that water.

The steam cleaner technician will attempt to remove this putrid mud puddle by suction and what is extracted is what is cleaned. Some steam cleaners will pass their suction equipment over the puddle once or twice and the leftover puddle dries -only to come to the surface one again when the carpet has pressure applied to it by feet walking upon it. To be fair, some do a better job. Some hardworking steam techs will heartily suction and re-suction the watery messes but the real questions are, "Is this carpet cleaning method the most advanced and productive one available? Or is it only the most prolific method carpet cleaning companies use?

So, if Tony's Best Way doesn't steam clean, what cleaning process do we use?

I'm happy to tell you all about it. We at Tony's Best Way start off using Air Cell Extraction (TM) in conjunction with our unique-to-us Health+Clean method. Using non-sticky air cells (super lightweight foam) instead of water...genius!

Light foam doesn't sink like heavy water. It doesn't collect on the bottom of carpet in a puddle. It doesn't damage like mineral laden water. (The water will evaporate but the sand-like minerals will stay, nicking your carpet fibers -where future soil will lodge).

The benefits of using low-moisture air cells over water are huge. But that is not all; its all a part of an ingenious scientific carpet cleaning system.  We inject the super light foam in the midst of cylindrical soft bristle brushes. Why? The foam must penetrate into the fibers somehow. We could use heavy chemicals to artificially agitate the fibers but nah... we skip the heavy toxic stuff  and instead use some old fashioned physical agitation to "work in" the non-sticky foam into the carpet fibers. But we don't use rough brushes! That could harm fibers; we use gentle, soft bristles -thousands of them.  And we don't use rotary brushes that only clean the top level of carpet; that would leave soil in the carpet. Instead we use cylindrical brushes that contain the soft bristles. 

The whole system goes together beautifully; and still there's more benefits:

  • The foam wraps itself around WHOLE carpet fibers and is extracted from the WHOLE carpet fibers. (Not just the tippy top!) When we extract the now-soiled air cells, all levels of carpet foam are cleaned, not just the top surfaces. "Good deal" surface cleanings look fantastic -until you use your carpet. Just walking on surface-cleaned carpet pulls up the dried-up "mud" the cleaner made and DID NOT REMOVE.   
  • Our foam's customized-to-your-needs contents attack the individual carpet fiber contents.
  • Our foam is non-stick. It won't attract soil as do inferior cleaning products that dry "tacky". 
  • The air cells are 10% moisture and 90% air. Every problem associated with typical high-moisture cleaning methods is eradicated. 
Appreciate your reading today's blog, my fellow San Diegan! Do give the office a call to set up your fantastic, 100% satisfaction guaranteed carpet cleaning today!

We service all of San Diego County. If you're on the coast or inland call (858) 459-3201 If you live in North County call (760) 942-1904.  Downtown dwellers, yes, we can clean in high-rises! No water-hookup requirements and no hoses makes our carpet cleaning equipment elevator friendly! We have a 619 number for you: (619) 325-0800

Yes, this is the company for you! 

We want to be your cleaner for life! And not only do we clean carpets, we clean ALL the flooring in your home (Wood, Tile, Stone and yes, that type too). Plus we clean almost everything else furnishing your home today: your area rugs, upholstery, leather furniture, drapes, blinds, and even your mattress! Yep, we are San Diego's one stop cleaning shop. We've been in business for over 40 years, are members of the BBB and hope you'll read some of our outstanding internet reviews! 


James Toth
of Tony's Best Way

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James Toth