Upholstery Cleaning San Diego "Before and After" Photo and Blog Post

Examine the arms on this much-loved yet impossibly dirty upholstered chair. Dark areas stained the arms making the valued piece unsightly. View the difference our deep cleaning made!

James Toth, Lead Technician

Hello San Diego! My name is James and I'm a lead technician for a local upholstery cleaning company that has decades and decades of experience.

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 So, how exactly do we clean upholstery

We use an upholstery cleaning method you've probably never seen before, but you'll also be amazed to see its unusually impressive results! 

Our method:

We hand-treat spots and darkened soil concentrations first. Next, instead of straight liquid, our machines apply low-moisture foam. The soil-attracting foam's contents are powerful and effective, but the double-impact comes from the way we apply it. We insert the lightweight foam into furniture the midst of gentle britstle brushes. 
Unlike sticky soap, our foam doesn't leave sticky residue. 

Why inside of brushes? 

The foam must penetrate into the fabric's fibers somehow. We could use heavy chemicals to artificially agitate the fibers, but nah... we skip the heavily toxic stuff and instead use some old-fashioned physical agitation to "work in" the non-sticky foam into fabric fibers. Hard bristles could harm the fibers, so we use soft bristles instead -thousands of them. The bristle-inserted foam attracts soil and soil attracting "gunk" like a magnet. 

Very large amounts of soil are extracted with this method
And then...

Foam, soil and gunk comes out! We do not spray, spray, spray (and soak) foam upholstery inserts with lots of liquid. Our machines take just a small amount of our cleaning mix and sanitizing liquid to generate our foam. The foam covers the surface AND pushes into fabric's holes to attract embedded soil, and importantly, the body and pet body oil, and dried drink and food particles to which soil tenaciously clings.

Talk about getting furniture clean!

The previously embedded soil lifts out with the foam when we apply suction. Since our foam's 10% moisture and 90% air cell content does not soak fabric, its lightweight mass releases from fabric fibers much, much easier than straight liquid. This means we see unusually high and great-for-you soil removal rates. If fibers are soaked and left soaked after cleaning, it often means the non-extracted liquid has soil content that was also not removed. Our top quality method leaves upholstery thoroughly cleaned...cleaned out! Our clients enjoy seeing their original fabric colors return and spots and gray areas lighten out. 

The added bonus:

To top it off, because so much soil is removed, our clients also enjoy seeing these effects last and last. We invite you to experience the difference a Tony's Best Way upholstery cleaning will make on your furniture. Even if your upholstery is water-intolerant, ultra suede, antique or delicate!     

So, how can I learn more or set up an appointment?

Give us a call by phone:  (858) 459-3201  (760) 942-1904 (619) 325-0800

Or leave us an online message via: our contact form.


James Toth

Head Technician
Tony's Best Way

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