James: A rug cleaning photo you can't miss!

Note from James: This is a picture of an actual client's oriental rug that I personally took while we at Tony's Best Way were in the process of cleaning it. I've blown up a section of the photo to give you a dramatic look at the difference a quality cleaning can do!

You know what's really neat about the way we clean rugs? (I mean aside from the fact that we can get them so clean and restore the colors and designs to such beautiful detail...) We can clean them RIGHT IN YOUR HOME! Yes, there is no rolling up or transportation struggles and, best of all, no living without your rugs! We can even clean them right on top of floors including hardwood which is absolutely unusual in the rug cleaning industry!

You see, we do not use giant washing machines that unnecessarily soak and agitate your costly investment in water, causing premature wear and tear. You will save on the life of your rug and protect its vibrant colors by having us at Tony's Best Way in San Diego service your rugs. We look forward to your call!

In case you were wondering; we DO clean tricky sisal rugs, as well as delicate antique rugs, wool, silk, fur, bearskin, sheepskin, Oriental, Persian and custom made rugs!

If you have a particular question about rugs, go ahead and leave a comment below or call us at:

(619)-325-0800 (San Diego Area)(858)-459-3201 (La Jolla Area)(760)-942-1904 (North County San Diego)

In the meantime learn more about how we clean rugs at our San Diego Rug Cleaning Website